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Pierre-Auguste Renoir's Paintings

01_Claude_Monet_Reading 02_Young_Woman_with_a_Veil 03_The_Ball_at_the_Moulin_de_la_Galette 04_Vase_of_Chrysanthemums 05_Portrait_of_Jeanne_Samary
Claude Monet Reading Young Woman with a Veil The Ball at the Moulin de la Galette Vase of Chrysanthemums Portrait of Jeanne Samary
06_Irene_Cahen_d-Anvers 07_The_End_of_the_Lunch 08_Lady_Sewing 09_Near_the_Lake 10_Place_Clichy
Irene Cahen d-Anvers The End of the Lunch Lady Sewing Near the Lake Place Clichy
11_Two_Sisters_on_the_Terrace 12_The_Boating_Party_Lunch 13_The_Umbrellas 14_By_the_Seashore 15_Young_Girl_with_a_Parasol
Two Sisters on the Terrace The Boating Party Lunch The Umbrellas By the Seashore Young Girl with a Parasol