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Francisco de Goya's Paintings

01_The_Maja_and_the_Masked_Men 02_The_Parasol 03_Charles_III 04_Festival_at_the_Meadow_of_San_Isadore 05_The_Bullfight
The Maja and the Masked Men The Parasol Charles III Festival at the Meadow of San Isadore The Bullfight
06_Ferdinand_Guillemardet 07_Nude_Maja 08_Clothed_Maja 09_The_Countess_of_Chinchon 10_Dona_Teresa_Sureda
Ferdinand Guillemardet Nude Maja Clothed Maja The Countess of Chinchon Dona Teresa Sureda
11_Antonia_Zarate 12_Ferdinand_VII_in_his_Robes_of_State 13_The_Second_of_May 14_The_third_of_May 15_Saturn_Devouring_one_of_his_Children
Antonia Zarate Ferdinand VII in his Robes of State The Second of May The third of May Saturn Devouring one of his Children