How Does Fortnite Work? Battle Royal and Save the World Modes

How does Fortnite work? - Fortnite Key Art

How does Fortnite work? If you’ve come to this post, you’ve probably heard of this game and wondered a few things about it. Fortnite has two game modes: Fortnite Battle Royal and Fortnite: Save the World. Epic Games introduced both game modes in 2017, after developing Fortnite for 6 years.

How does Fortnite work?

Fortnite Battle Royal

It is possible to play alone or in squads of two or four players. The avatars of up to 100 real players are thrown onto an island from a strange flying bus. The descent is first in free fall and then the avatar glides using a kind of parachute. The player chooses where he wants to land on the island. As soon as he is on the ground he must collect materials. He will use these to create constructions that will help him attack, protect and move around. He must also look for weapons and other items with which to achieve the objective of the game: to be the only player or squadron alive on the entire island. When the player kills someone, the dead player’s objects and weapons are visible, and he can take them.

At the same time, a strange, multicolored and lethal lightning storm surrounds the island and reduces the living area to smaller and smaller circles from time to time. This makes confrontations between players unavoidable and so, in the end, this leaves only one player or squad alive. The winner.

Fortnite: Save the World

This game mode is designed for four real players to work together to fight the environment, and together they must achieve common goals in missions. A strange storm has wiped out 98 percent of the population and zombies are attacking them. Players must organize their bases, collect resources, save survivors, facilitate storm data collection, or roll back the storm. Players receive a variety of items such as hero characters, weapons, traps, and survivors, all of which can enhance their attributes through the experience. In this game mode, as in Fortnite Battle Royal, the player has a pickaxe. With it is possible to destroy structures and objects that at the same time provide materials that will serve to create constructions of wood, stone, and iron.


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