Helix Jump World Record High Score 105,034,522 | 18 February 2019

Helix Jump World Record High Score and Level

Updated (16 November 2019):

A few days ago we received a communication from Youtube.

In this communication YouTube tells us that it will apply new rules in relation to the U.S. online child privacy protection law. (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, COPPA).

Channels are urged to indicate whether their audience may include children. They also give the option to indicate this on each video individually. Youtube indicates somewhat ambiguous criteria on how to determine if a video or channel has a children’s audience. However, Youtube places the legal responsibilities exclusively on the channels, in the event that the videos have a mislabeled audience.

Faced with this situation, and in order to avoid possible legal problems, we have been pushed to withdraw the dubious videos. This includes all videos related to games (such as Helix Jump or Plink) or drawing videos of comic characters. We regret this fact and apologize, especially to the viewers who had sent us Helix Jump records and glitches videos. This will also cause us to definitively stop validating Helix Jump records.

Once again we apologize and wish to continue to count on your attention.

Updated (18 February 2019):

New world record in Helix Jump: 105,034,522 points. Niza, a Helix Jump player from Chilpancingo, Mexico has set a new world record. As proof, she sends us this video. The record has been set at level 9,514 although the player has already reached level 9,607. Niza tells us: “I dedicate it to my brother Ricardo and Gabriela because they were the ones who pressured me to reach the level”. Congratulations!

Updated (14 February 2019):

New world record in Helix Jump: 44,582,431 points. Santiago, a player from Santiago del Estero, Argentina has set a new world record in Helix Jump. The game starts at level 3,981. To prove it, he sent us this video. Congratulations!

Updated (5 September 2018):

Konstantin Bonev from Sofia, Bulgaria, sets a new world record for Helix Jump: 32,272,092 points:

Previous content (June 14, 2018):

After our search, we can say that the highest Helix Jump score recorded so far (June 14, 2018) exceeds 4,360,000 points as you can see in the video. The game is played between level 2,995 and level 3,000 of the game.

Helix Jump World Record High Score and Level

The 3,000th level where the game is played is also higher than the highest level we have seen so far. The previous record level was 2,633 and we mentioned it in our previous post about Helix Jump levels. There you can find the answer to other frequently asked questions: how many levels are there in Helix Jump?  how to advance between levels in Helix Jump? what is the difference between one level and another?

People are playing better and better and we will surely have to update this world record in a short time with a new and higher score.


Voodoo, the developer of Helix Jump, has reason to be pleased. So far they have achieved more than 50 million downloads on Google Play. The game has in the Apple App Store, 372,603 reviews and continues to grow. Helix Jump has quickly climbed to the top of the free game rankings. This is happening on both Android and iOS. As usually happens in these cases in which apps are very successful, around the smell of money has come a legion of imitators as you can see in the picture:

On Google Play a legion of copycats have gone to the smell of money to try to follow the success of Helix Jump.
Google Play: a legion of copycats have gone to the smell of money to try to follow the success of Helix Jump.

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