Helix Jump skins: screenshots, video and how to get them all

Helix Jump skins: screen shots, video and how to get them all
Helix Jump skins are the shapes that the object that bounces can have. When you start to play you only have the skin shaped like a sphere, and as you progress through the game you can get more. In June 2018 Voodoo added new skins to make the game more fun. This was certainly an incentive for players to keep Helix Jump at the top of the most downloaded game lists. As you know the way Helix Jump is played, it doesn’t allow you to do too many things. You have to get to the base of the spiral to move on to the next level and there’s not much else to do. But one of the goals you can set yourself as a challenge is to get all the skins of Helix Jump.

How to get all Helix Jump skins

All Helix Jump skins.
All Helix Jump skins.
We have checked that there are hacked versions of the game, which have all the skins unlocked. But if you play normally, each of these skins is obtained when you get an achievement. In the following list, you can read the condition that you have to fulfill to obtain each skin. The names proposed for each skin are not official.
  • Sphere. It’s the default skin and you don’t have to do anything to get it because you start playing with it from the first game.
  • Get the Hollow Sphere when you reach 200 points in a game.
  • You can get the Sphere with Bumps when you reach 400 points in a game.
  • Get the Sphere with Lines when you reach 600 points in a game.
  • When you play 15 games you will get the Half and Half Sphere.
  • You get the Cube by playing 25 games.
  • Get the Star by playing 50 games.
  • Once you pass 5 levels, you will get the Spring.
  • The Gear will be yours when you pass 15 levels.
  • If you play 2 consecutive days, the Football will be yours.
  • You will get the Icosahedron playing 7 consecutive days.
  • When you unlock 5 skins, the Hollow Polyhedron will be yours.

Video with the aspect of Helix Jump skins

In the following video, you can see how the different skins look once unlocked. You can see all of them except for the last one on the list because the app had an error at the beginning.


New world record in Helix Jump: 105,034,522 points. Niza, a Helix Jump player from Chilpancingo, Mexico has set a new world record. As proof, she sends us this video. The record has been set at level 9,514 although the player has already reached level 9,607. Niza tells us: “I dedicate it to my brother Ricardo and Gabriela because they were the ones who pressured me to reach the level”. Congratulations!
Remember players, don’t forget to stop playing from time to time, and visit our games section for a while, so your tired thumbs can rest. Good luck!