Helix Jump Levels

Helix Jump is the game everyone talks about. Its simplicity is one of the keys to its success. It’s got some bad stuff, too. The free version has too many ads. Too many unnecessary permissions, also required during the installation of the application on a mobile phone. If you ignore these two things and start playing with it, you’ll quickly wonder about the Helix Jump levels. How many levels are there? What is the record level achieved? What is the difference between one level and another one? Here are the answers.

How to advance between levels in Helix Jump?

The objective of the Helix Jump’s player is to reach the bottom of each level in the game. The way to achieve this is to drop the ball through the holes in the circular platforms. You have to avoid the ball bouncing in the red areas or you have to start the level from the beginning. When a level is reached, the progress is saved.

What is the difference between one level and another?
  • The main difference is the increasing difficulty.
  • Some parts of the circular platforms become mobile. This changes the holes where the ball can pass and the areas where it can bounce.
  • Some levels are longer than others.
  • There are levels with more red zones.
  • When the fourth level is reached, barriers appear that make progress more difficult.
  • The color scheme is different from level to level.
How many levels are there in Helix Jump?

No one knows exactly how many levels the game has. No one has ever reached a level where the game ends.

This is the highest level of Helix Jump I’ve ever seen: 9,513 level

In the following video, you can see a gameplay that ends at level 9,513

The video belongs to our channel where there are uploaded a gameplay in which the player Niza, from Mexico, passes different levels and she gets the Helix Jump World Record. The channel is El Reloj de Sol and the playlist with the Helix Jump videos is this. It can be useful as an example if you find some level complicated.

So just take it easy. Rest between games and check out our games section from time to time.

Featured image: Google Play