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Edgar Degas' Paintings

01_La_La_at_the_Cirque_Fernando 02_Portrait_of_Hortense_Valpincon 03_Racehorses_in_Front_of_the_Grandstand 04_The_Orchestra_of_the_Opera 05_The_Dance_Class
La La at the Cirque Fernando Portrait of Hortense Valpincon Racehorses in Front of the Grandstand The Orchestra of the Opera The Dance Class
06_Ballet_at_the_Paris_Opera 07_Dancers_in_Pink 08_The_Dance_Examination 09_Self-Portrait 10_Madame_Valpincon_with_Chrysanthemums
Ballet at the Paris Opera Dancers in Pink The Dance Examination Self-Portrait Madame Valpincon with Chrysanthemums
11_Portrait_in_a_New_Orleans_Cotton_Office 12_The_Rape 13_The_Star 14_Rehearsal_on_the_Stage 15_Dance_Class
Portrait in a New Orleans Cotton Office The Rape The Star Rehearsal on the Stage Dance Class